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Women's Creative Life Circle

This is a gathering for women to be, listen and feel. Inspired by the women’s circle, we will be focusing on our feminine spirit and how to expand ourselves as creative beings. Using meditations and other expressive tools, listening to each other and ourselves deeply, we will foster our intuition and help build our authentic self. What makes you feel creative? Where does your creativity come from? How does creativity relate to being a woman? Through a relaxing and sacred community space we will share and support each other. The circle is held once a month and led by Linda Iannacone. You can read more about her wonderful work here.

Class is limited to 8 participants.


SoulCollage® is a path to self-discovery, healing, and transformation. It is a creative and intuitive practice that allows us to access the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. These parts create patterns in our life that don’t go away no matter how hard we try to get rid of them. With each card you make, an aspect of yourself emerges to be seen, heard, and integrated.


SoulCollage® is a way to heal. To heal is to make whole. Through SoulCollage®, we call all these parts of ourselves back home, and become whole. We learn to listen to them, welcome them, love them, and accept them. We no longer push these parts away; we no longer feel disconnected and scattered. We live life from an embodied place, more centered and aligned to who we truly are.  


As we discover and integrate these scattered pieces of ourselves, our lives begin to transform.  We are no longer creating subconscious patterns that wreak havoc on our life, but we begin to create a life from a place of joy, love, and abundance.  As we heal the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us, we make room for the parts of ourselves that want us to shine, that love life and allow for creative expression.  


Self-discovery, healing, and transformation doesn’t need to be hard or challenging. Through SoulCollage® you will engage in a creative and intuitive practice  that creates space for your higher self to emerge. 


Mindfulness for Beginners

Bringing Focus + Calm Into Your Daily Life

~ Feel calmer and less stressed ​

~ Hone your focus

~ Develop greater presence

~ Learn tools and strategies to create a sustainable home practice

~ Integrate daily mindful habits


In this four-week foundations course we will engage in evidence-based practices to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives through formal and informal mindfulness practice. This class is for beginners and those wishing to renew or deepen their practice in community.


Each 90-minute class will include an introduction to specific mindfulness practices, a period of guided meditation, group discussion, and opportunities to ask questions. Students will receive supporting materials to develop a mindfulness practice including audio guidance for practice at home. Follow up emails with resources to support practice will also be sent on a weekly basis. Through this series we will explore ways to embody mindfulness with increased clarity, compassion, and tenderness, while bringing more presence and aliveness to our moment-by-moment experience. In so doing we increase our resilience and deepen our wisdom and bring this into our daily life.

The Inner Child Holds
The Key

Join us for an experiential workshop with Nina. How we treat our inner child reflects on every aspect of our lives. It is the foundation of our habits and of our self-worth. When we deny, reject, or criticize our own innocence and vulnerability, we hinder our capacity for authenticity and connection.


Experience the embodied healing practices of family constellations. Reveal the current relationship between your adult self and your inner child, bringing deeper healing and acceptance to the past and weaving a new story and a new experience of self-love and belonging.

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BigSky Yoga and Wellness Chair Yoga Series

Chair Yoga is a gentle practice which adapts Yoga asanas to the support of the chair and other props available such as blocks, straps, and blankets to name a few. This class targets those with physical challenges and beginners.


This gentle 6 week series will utilize breath, mindful movement and asana, meditation, relaxation, and inspiration. Working slowly and mindfully through each part, will bring strength, flexibility, healing, and balance to mind and body. Please bring a mat, bath towel, and a yoga block.


Space is limited (6-8 people total). Pre- registering is required to reserve a spot. $150 for all 6 weeks.


To sign up and pay please click the button below to book with Sourland Wellness or go to, fill out the registration form and click on the “Chair Yoga Series” Button for payment. Questions? Please contact Carrie at

(Photo Credit: Bryan Murray)

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