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Integrated Energy Therapy Steps to Transformation: The Beginning
Integrated Energy Therapy Steps to Transformation: The Beginning

Fri, Apr 12


Sourland Wellness

Integrated Energy Therapy Steps to Transformation: The Beginning

Time & Location

Apr 12, 2024, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Sourland Wellness, 10 E Broad St Suite A, Hopewell, NJ 08525, USA

About the workshop

This workshop is a transformative program that introduces participants to the powerful practice of Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET). This course is uniquely designed to commence your journey with the first two foundational steps in a supportive small group setting, followed by the opportunity to explore the remaining steps individually.

The program starts with:

1. Heartlink with Your Angel: Learn to create a heart-to-heart connection with your angel for guidance and support.

2. Activate Your 12 Strand DNA: Unlock your spiritual blueprint, setting a powerful intention for personal growth and healing.

These initial steps are critical in establishing a deep connection with your heart's true intentions, laying the groundwork for the transformative journey ahead. The small group setting provides a nurturing and collective learning environment, fostering shared experiences and mutual encouragement.

As you feel called to deepen your journey, one-on-one sessions are available to guide you through the subsequent transformative steps:

3. Clear Your Karma: Release past life impediments and patterns.

4. Achieve True Forgiveness: Let go of old resentments and embrace forgiveness.

5. Empower Your Heart: Strengthen your emotional and spiritual resilience.

6. Journey to a Future Lifetime: Explore future possibilities for growth and learning.

7. Cut Cords of Codependency: Liberate yourself from unhealthy relational dynamics.

8. Grid Healing: Enhance your energy field for improved well-being.

9. Pure Joy: Embrace and embody the essence of joy in your life.

10. Compassion: Cultivate deep empathy and understanding towards yourself and others.

11. Homecoming: Reconnect with your spiritual essence and purpose.

12. Unity in Action: Recognize and manifest your connection with all of life.

13. Ascension:Elevate your consciousness to higher vibrational states.

14. Being Love: Become a channel of unconditional love and healing.

Key Features:

- Introductory Group Sessions: Begin your transformation with steps one and two in a group setting.

- Personalized One-on-One Sessions: Continue your journey through steps 3-14 at your own pace.

- Comprehensive Healing Journey: Explore a wide range of spiritual and personal growth themes.

- Supportive Learning Environment: Benefit from shared group experiences and individualized attention.

Embark on "Integrated Energy Therapy: Steps to Transformation - The Beginning" to initiate a journey of profound healing and self-discovery. This program offers a unique blend of group and individual learning, guiding you through each step of IET with the support and wisdom of experienced practitioners. Your path to deeper understanding and transformation awaits.

At least 3 participants needed to run the workshop, maximum of 8 participants. 


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