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I have been fascinated by astrology for years. I have a dear friend and mentor who has taught me so much and at the beginning of the Pandemic, I decided to take a deeper dive so I could manage the challenging time with learning something new to offer my clients. I’m so glad I did. 


Astrology lends a keen eye of compassion and empathy for each individual’s life-path. It has taught me so much about myself and others, and I am so happy to share it with you now. 

In our 60-minute session, we will focus on your individual chart, discussing your Sun-Moon-Rising signs in depth, as well as answer any questions you might have about your chart or how to balance the energies within it. I meet each individual where they are at, meaning I will stick to the level of understanding of each person. Each session can be recorded and you will receive an image of your full natal chart and where each planet was aligned in the sky the moment you were born. It’s a lot of fun and incredibly insightful. 

Sun, Moon, Rising Circles

In Esoteric Astrology, the sun, moon, and rising signs are considered the “big three” in the science of the cosmos. They give us a greater understanding of who were are (sun), how we feel safe and nourished in the world (moon), and what our soul is striving for in this lifetime (rising). When someone is just learning astrology, it is helpful to focus on the big three in order to help that individual understand both themselves and the people around them.


For this reason, I have decided to offer group Sun, Moon, and Rising sessions to our community in the comfort of our sweet living room at Sourland Wellness, equipped with plenty of tea and cozy pillows. If you and some of your friends are curious and want to learn more about Astrology, this is a great opportunity to dip your toes in and ask questions. Each person will receive a 20-30 minute reading with a full description of their sun, moon, and rising sign. I will also take some time at the start of the session to explain each sign and its traits, as well as explain the energies that each planet exudes. 


Minimum: 3 people

Maximum: 6 people

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