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What do I need to wear for my Acupuncture appointment?

It is best to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes. I may ask you to take some layers off once you are on the table, depending on whether or not we are doing cupping or I need access to your back, but I use blankets and sheets to cover you and keep you comfortable and warm. 


Do I need to refrain from showering or exercising before or after Acupuncture?


I recommend waiting an hour or so after your treatment if you wish to shower or exercise afterwards, particularly if you have cups during your treatment. If we do not cup, it is not always necessary to wait. Cups open the pores, so it is best to refrain from anything that may further any cold (outside) or dampness (sweat) to enter the body. 


Does Acupuncture hurt?

An acupuncture needle is thinner than a piece of the hair on your head. Most people do not feel the needles, although there may be spots on the body which are a little more tender, i.e. the ankles or fingers. I often use acupressure and press tacks on patients who are more sensitive with just as much success. Personally I am very sensitive to needles, so I have been known over the years to be one of the more “gentler needlers.” 



How can I expect to feel after my first appointment?

You may feel a little bit tired after the initial appointment and that is normal. I usually recommend taking it easy if you can.


Do you take Insurance? 


I am an out-of-network provider and therefore require all payment upfront at the time of service. I am happy to provide you with a super-bill that you can send to your own insurance company. Depending on your benefits for out-of-network Acupuncture, you may receive some reimbursement. 


How often do I need to change my herbal formula? 


Some formulas need to be adjusted every few weeks, depending on the changing of symptoms. It is rare for a patient to be on the same formula for months, except for a very specific syndrome or symptom. Herbal medicine’s goal is to harmonize and balance the system, so just as nature needs different weather each day/week to stay regulated, our bodies do as well. 


Do you offer readings for Progressed Astrology Charts? 


Not yet. Currently, I am offering deeper dives into your natal chart, which will help you recognize your own light and soul’s purpose through the lens of Esoteric Astrology.


I think I want to make an appointment for my child but they are scared of needles. What other things can you do besides Acupuncture?


I did my externship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I love working with children and have two of my own. Needles are not always necessary. I often treat kids with tiny needles stickers, massage, acupressure, gua sha (a tool used in Eastern Medicine) to help relieve pain and boost circulation, and cups. I always check in with the child and make sure they are 100% on-board with what I am doing. Kids respond very quickly to Acupuncture, and they tend to love it!

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