Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that channels intelligent healing universal energy from Source. It helps move stagnant energy, clears any energetic blocks, promotes clarity, and allows healing to occur in many areas of your life. You will experience healing on a spiritual, mental, emotional and a physical level.

What to expect during your session...

As you lay down in the treatment room, listening to a relaxing playlist, you will be walked through a guided meditation to help you set your intentions for your session. Scents of palo santo and sage will be a part of your journey, as it will assist in cleansing your energetic field. As you lay down on the massage table, eyes closed, breathing into a deep relaxing state, you will start to hear an arrangement of crystal quartz sound healing bowls, taking you deeper into your relaxed state. Each bowl has a sound that is linked to each chakra, beginning the healing process as you listen to the different tones. The placement of hand positions will start the channeling of Reiki to flow through your being. These hand positions will be discussed before your session so you are aware of the process. You may feel subtle sensations of energy moving throughout your body and you may have a visual experience as well. At the end of your session, you will feel lighter, clearer and more relaxed. We will also discuss things that you had felt or anything that came up during your reiki treatment. Reiki sessions can be done every three to four weeks or as you feel needed, to help assist you on your healing journey.  

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