Yoga at Home

Yin/Yang Yoga

This class led by Dara Inoue flows from a more active style of yoga (Yang) incorporating rhythmic movements like sun salutations with traditional poses which develop a deeper body awareness using the breath and which require core muscle engagement to a more passive, quiet practice (Yin) holding mainly floor based postures for longer periods of time.


The yin postures focus on the meridian channels nourishing the organs, connective tissues and joints. Incorporating both Yin & Yang styles of yoga will leave the practitioner feeling refreshed, yet calm and with more self-awareness and an inner ease of being.


Simple pranayama and meditation techniques will be worked into the practice to cultivate an embodied wholeness by balancing dualities such as mind/body, upper/lower, inner/outer and active/passive. 

*Due to limited class size, we ask that students first sign up online first to reserve their seat.