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Vibrational Sound Therapy

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Email Mary McIntyre
  • 10 E Broad St in Hopewell

Service Description

I practice The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy, which is board-certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.   Standard Adult Tuning - $125 Enjoy 60-90 minutes of deep relaxation, while your entire energy system is aligned and raised to a higher vibration. We'll work on specific issues you wish to address, such as physical pain, as well as emotional and spiritual challenges. This service is available virtually, or in person. By the end of the session you'll feel lighter, brighter, and very peaceful.  ​ Standard Pediatric Tuning - $90 Kids love tunings: especially Teens! They enjoy the dreamy, relaxed state that we adults experience during a massage, but without physical touch. We'll focus on bringing the central nervous system into a restful state. This helps reduce anxiety, sleep difficulties, and troubles with emotional regulation and mental concentration. I am a mom of three, former Girl Scout troop leader, and piano/guitar teacher so I have experience relating to kids on their level. Duration is shorter, depending on age (30/45/60 minutes). ​ Advanced Adult Tuning - $150  A standard tuning with added techniques: the vibration of specially calibrated tuning forks will interact with the vibration of your DNA/RNA to bring about healing and activation.  Vibrations are applied to address the calcification and dormancy common to our pineal gland, traditionally known to be the seat of our Third Eye. Advanced tunings tend to yield increased intuitive ability and spiritual awakening. ​ Past Life Regression - $225 Your Spirit is also vibrating energy, which has moved in and out of different physical bodies over time. It is helpful to explore past lives because we often carry burdens into our current incarnation that do not serve us. Phobias, unhealthy patterns, emotional issues and relationship difficulties are sometimes related to past-life experiences. It is difficult to acquire new things when our hands are full of old baggage.  Unburdening yourself through past-life regression is an interesting and liberating experience. This service includes an Advanced Level Tuning, so it is more comprehensive than standard regression services that rely only on seeing. We'll also be clearing past-life entanglements from your energetic field. ​ For more information or to schedule an appointment, email or call (609)462-5078.

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, please provide notice at least 24 hours beforehand. Appointments cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice are subject to the full session fee. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Contact Details

  • 10 E Broad St, Hopewell, NJ, USA


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