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Mindfulness for Beginners:

Bringing Focus + Calm Into Your Daily Life

~ Feel calmer and less stressed ​

~ Hone your focus

~ Develop greater presence

~ Learn tools and strategies to create a sustainable home practice

~ Integrate daily mindful habits


In this four-week foundations course we will engage in evidence-based practices to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives through formal and informal mindfulness practice. This class is for beginners and those wishing to renew or deepen their practice in community.

Each 90-minute class will include an introduction to specific mindfulness practices, a period of guided meditation, group discussion, and opportunities to ask questions. Students will receive supporting materials to develop a mindfulness practice including audio guidance for practice at home. Follow up emails with resources to support practice will also be sent on a weekly basis. Through this series we will explore ways to embody mindfulness with increased clarity, compassion, and tenderness, while bringing more presence and aliveness to our moment-by-moment experience. In so doing we increase our resilience and deepen our wisdom and bring this into our daily life.

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